Eco friendly small business ideas: Start a Eco friendly t-shirt ecommerce store (low start up cost) 

Earning money online is easier than ever, many people make tons of money selling print on demand hoodies, leggings, sweat pants and ect.

Print on demand changes the game completely, you as the seller won't have to handle any inventory. You just upload your design and Printify does the rest. How simple is that?

Another awesome reason a print on demand business would be a great start is because it’s good for the environment. Here is why, a traditional brick and mortar store has to be stocked with clothing and what happens if those clothes don’t sell, they end up in landfils and fabric takes years to break down.

Printify is a company that is setting the bar high, because they are embracing eco-friendly change and offer a variety of eco-friendly print on demand products. From baby clothing, womens leggings and much more.

This is a review of Eco-friendly Printify products you can sell to earn money online.

What is printify?

Printify is one of the top eco-friendly print on demand and fulfillment companies. Printify enables their creators to bring their ideas to life. They have such a wide selection of customizable items, t-shirts, aprons, and coffee mugs.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, you can sign up, connect to your store, creating or uploading your design can take less than an hour. Printful interface is very easy to use, the step by step tutorial makes the creation process so simple.

Saving time has been known to help with less procrastination and increases productivity.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, it’s free, no start-up cost, no monthly fees. Printful makes a profit when a customer buys from your store.


What eco-friendly products would I recommend?

The Unisex Eco friendly Tee's are my favorite print on demand products because they are made from organic cotton and derived from recycled durable fabric.

According to the printful website, each shirt will save at least 4 plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill.

As an online seller, you always want to provide your customers with great quality products, this builds your brand as a reliable company.

Adding eco-friendly products will show your customers you care about them and the environment.

These shirts are unisex fit, they have side seams,60% organic cotton and 40% recycled poly rPET.

How would I get started?

Visit sign up is quick and easy. From there you can browse their catalog of trendy designs or you can upload your own creations, integrate your store, and then drive customers to your products with a blog, and or social media post or however you market for customers.


It’s free, and fast shipping

Easy to upload custom images

Pre-loaded designs

No overseas shipping, ships from the U.S

Easy to use interface, lots of tips and helpful information


As of right now, the eco friendly products are a bit limited

The yearly cost for premium is expensive

Start earning money with Eco-friendly Printify products, allow your imagination to run wild, create those designs and then upload them to Printify. When your items sell in your store, Printify will print and fulfill your creations.

If you would like to learn more about Prinity click here.



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