Earn Money Creating Content With Canva

How to make money with no childcare: Why not write a low content ebook with Canva 

Earning money with children can be a bit tough, yet don’t worry. This short post may be the solution you need if you want to make money but don’t have any childcare. 

Making money as a stay at home mom is easier than ever and you can have the peace of mind knowing you won’t have to spend money on child care. You can earn money from creating low content books and publishing them on Amazon. Below you will learn more about low content books and how to create them. 

What is low content publishing: Think of a journal, notebook, planner, and other similar works. The pages are repetitive and derived to be filed by the user. You can add cute graphics and other interesting visual elements to make your content a bit more unique. 

Is low content publishing worth it:  Yes, creating and publishing low content books is profitable and it’s a great way to earn a passive income. Because it takes little to no time to create content for your book. The best part is posting with Amazon KDP is FREE.

How to create a low content book on Canva: By now everyone has heard about Canva, Canva has changed the game when it comes to creating content and it’s FREE. This app has thousands upon thousands of photos, fonts, textures, templates and much more.  If you can imagine it you can create it with Canva. When you purchase the pro version, there are even more options. You can create, save and publish an ebook or low content book with Canva.

What are some examples of low content books:

  • Journals
  • Activity Books
  • Coloring Books 
  • Workout log journals 
  • Self-improvement books
  • Healthy eating habits
  • And anything you can think of which someone will need to document that event.


Maybe you have always wanted to publish a book, but you just didn’t want to write. Well, now you can create a low content book in just a few hours. You don’t have to leave your children, work from home on your own time and take care of your family. If you know someone who could use this helpful advice about earning money from home, why not share this post with them? 

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